Guided by Discovery and Potential

INNOVATION that improves revenues, for decades.

Whether you are facing the challenge of building innovation capabilities to grow and compete or trying to plan and execute a go-to market strategy for your innovations (already developed), Applica Partners collaborates with you to make innovation in your company a reality, so you can achieve more.

We master the innovation process both ways. Inside-out & outside-in.

We partner with you to translate your great ideas and unique opportunities into successful businesses.

Most consulting companies claim that being “customer centred” is the one and only path to innovate successfully. In real life things are more complex than that.

Companies that have high technological power are able to innovate products and solutions that the market wasn’t expecting.  Applica Partners has successfully assisted cases like these to position innovations in the proper market and for the right consumers, so that our clients can retrieve the most possible value from their innovation.

We can help both ways.

Companies have partnered with Applica Partners to:

Discover from the outside:

● The true role played by their solution (their offer) in their customers’ life so they can improve it.
● The pains their offer is expected to kill in their customers’ life, so they can focus on that.
– Which helps to identify opportunities –
● The very last benefits sought after by their (potential) customers from anyone out there in a particular market –so it can be them who provide that-
● Habits, beliefs and values they might think they knew, but are not triggering sales.
– Which helps to ideate new concepts –

The sharp expertise and specialization of our sibling company ‘deep blue applica’ supports the insight generation for this stage of the outside-in innovation process.

Inside        How to make them match           outside

Discover from the Inside:

●   The real innovation ambition of their organisation as a whole.
●   How to make the innovation “miracle” a systemic process.
●   How to pave the path for the idea-to-market journey.
The best way to unleash the true talent of their teams.

In summary, they join Applica Partners to become better innovators, to innovate the right solutions or to set the right strategy for their innovations

Applica partners has developed a proprietary framework to visualize and guide the innovation strategy ecosystem.

<Launch a high-tech innovation, develop your great ideas, or build your innovation capabilities with us>

Regardless your current situation, we partner with you to help unleash your innovation power, so you can achieve more.CM innovation-framework

Topics we discuss and resolve with you:

●   An applicable methodology to generate initiatives – either to innovate or to position your innovations-
●   A clear system for the execution of the idea to market journey in a repeatable mapped process
●   The development of a risk-shielded environment [ecosystem] to test and improve the ideas [read more about our strong prototyping and pilot capabilities.]
Your possibilities, challenges and needs to completely unleash your innovation power -Which innovator type is your organisation?-

Which type is your company?

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Applica Partners Innovation Strategy Framework

Through our research and experience we have identified three distinct triggers for innovations to be successful. These three sources of innovation are:

The innovation journey can start in any of these three.Where is your company? See the explanation here