Unchain the odds of getting more


We have assisted organisations to increase the overall value they can create –for the consumer and for the company itself– by deploying a robust and applicable process to understand, envision, design and implement innovative winning business models.

When analyzing the history of the most successful companies, it happens often that the highest peak of productivity, profitability and growth they have reached, comes to them not from having launched an innovative product or technology but from the complete business ‘arrangement’ of how these innovations were taken from the idea generation stage up to the final user, in other words: from the business model.

See our business model infographic to understand the concept and the impact it can have in your organisation.

Our business models envisioning methodology challenges business leaders to see beyond what they have known about business configuration and pushes them to consider the interrelations of all the elements involved in the running of a successful business. There is an optimal way in which all these individual but interrelated elements can work better together.

It is the business model of your company what holds unseen possibilities for you.

Rethinking how to put together the right customer value proposal, the adequate channels to deliver this value and what the best profit system for your offer is as well as how to deploy resources and processes, requires involvement of the leadership of your company and commitment from your teams to envision the best innovative business model. It is hard but the award is explosive.


Besides our consulting engagements to rethink and renovate business models for new growth, we have developed in conjunction with ‘Applica Business Academy’ the most dynamic and comprehensive workshops from which your team can beneficiate greatly.

Why your company might need to renovate its business model?

  1. Because companies focusing on Business Model Innovation outperform their industry peers
  2. Because companies like Amazon and Apple and Google grew so big thanks to their innovative business models. As many other smaller companies did but you don’t know about it; and you can join them.
  3. Because in these technological and rushy times, product lifecycles are shorter and BMI can be the only way you have to avoid expiration.

We have put together our experience and our research to offer enlightening and insightful case studies from diverse industries and different locations depicting successful business models in such a clear way, that every attendant fully understands the whole concept. We will teach you how to replicate this process to outcompete the fiercest contenders in your industry.

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