Don’t reject success in advance


A company can have the best ideas, but if these are not put into practice they add no value. The main thing is that management doesn’t want to fail, doesn’t want to spend much and doesn’t dare to change things.  When something is not clear, risk aversion is the principal murderer of good opportunities.

To encourage leaders to take the pathway of the unknown in order for them to leverage different good ideas, -without killing them in advance- we help them to start small, learn fast, try cheap and feel real in a risk shielded environment.

In few words:

Applica Partners will assist you to define, test, learn, amend and improve ASiAP –As Simple As Possible-

We will organise (take care) of the environment (context) for you to realise if things are going to be the way you thought, worse or better than expected. You will then be able to get started, and react accordingly without stopping. We will make it simple, but it’s not easy.

This is how it looks:
AP learning triple loop

Develop and Prototype

The first step is what we call “BIT” -boosting idea and testing. In this stage you will test your great (but uncertain) idea before getting on more complex situations applying one of “Deep Blue Applica” most original and effective techniques –the collaboration groups- (what focus groups should have always been) which considers the opinions of target consumers to help you to refine the idea, by making them to actively take part of the idea polishing process.

During the last steps of this stage it is likely that we will be doing some software prototyping to bring accuracy to the concept creation and to simulate circumstances you assume can get things critical, in order to avoid them if possible, prepare accordingly and to be ready.

Measured Test

When your idea is ready, we know this ready means “ready to get improved and polished…again”. And here is when the only way to know if your assumptions (pessimistic and optimistic ones) are correct is to go real. This stage is about learning how effective the concept is solving users’ problems and killing pains for them.

We will provide you with:

  • • real setting of the context,
  • • continuous observation,
  • • recording of periodic usage and
  • • customer satisfaction measurement.

The idea is to let others being the real judges and because the trial is going to be cheap and fast, the concept can be improved before embarking into the real exciting pilot.


Now we are ready to take the novelty to the masses in a fenced environment to see how all the elements (context) combine in the deployment of the new product, model or concept. We will help you identify the proper market tester and acknowledging the roots of your intended strategy, we will face with you the real behaviour of the plan. This will allow us to realise if things need abrupt rotations around the main idea or to devise a shift in what you originally considered the path for your idea. Ultimately you will test, learn and improve in the “doing”, to eventually win.