Defying conventional wisdom.

MARKETING for disloyal customers

Applica Partners understands that front end customer strategies must be continually re-evaluated and refined, because markets and competition change so quickly.

We exert dynamic analysis to understand the harmony between a company’s marketing actions, its strategic aims and its operational efforts. The relationship between marketing and operations is a basic starting point to start a winning marketing programme. Consistent and congruent.

We take an approach we call “Do it yourself for Managers” with the intention to bring to the table a deep customer-view of the situation, and then act accordingly. We are all hands-on consultants.

With support from “Deep Blue Applica” we assist leaders in their efforts to become “ethnovative” which is all about understanding culture, habits and attitudes of relevant communities in order to offer whatever customers really, truly, deeply need.

Based on this effective awareness then we are in the best position to do the following for our clients:


We provide the support to define an authentic message for the audience of our clients and help them to create positive associations of the attributes of a product or service and the brand as a whole. Branding is about differentiation and positive associations. We provide the ways to land in the consumers mind and to anchor in their hearts for the long run.

Valuable customer segmentation

Our sound experience and research equips us with the right lenses to understand how end users of a concept might share wills and benefits sought from a brand despite traditional merely superficial segmentation practices. We provide the basis for a valuable benefits-based segmentation to approach the right users- with the right offers- to fully leverage brand value.

Customer management

We facilitate and involve ourselves in consumer’s world immersions to design innovative and exquisite experiences. We offer customer analyses to determine the best ways to communicate with them leveraging internet enablers, to measure their expected time as active customers and design effective
retention and conversion campaigns.

Portfolio management

Based on broad market dynamics understanding and following strategy lineaments we assist companies exploiting their product portfolios’ possibilities to address opportunities of a bigger magnitude than it would happen by working product by product individually. We develop portfolio planning and ensure proper execution of the right product strategies, to achieve more.