Together with you, at the heart of business success


We collaborate with our clients to get to the point in which their companies reach full potential.

We go with them through an unlimited set of possibilities utilizing applicable frameworks, mindsets, and tools to make the most suitable decisions. Applica Partners’ methodology unearths unnoticed opportunities and provides elements to leverage existing ones. We help to overcome the challenges presented on the way to success.

We design and develop corporate strategies and business level strategies. Our approach considers deep insights from customers and consumers, a clear understanding of competitors and the right reading of industry trends.  We then combine all this to set the right configuration of our clients’ capabilities in order to set the right goals and plan the required transformation accordingly.

The aim is to unleash full potential, so you can achieve more.

A complete set of strategy design would include three stages to unlock full potential:

Strategic appraisal

We evaluate the strategy lineaments currently guiding the company’s efforts to agree on how the present situation is misaligned from feasible goals                                                  

Strategic Amendment

Here we provide guidance in the redirection of the strategic-intent based in new information obtained so the new goals can be devised and a proper corrective actions plan designed  

Strategic Renewal

We provide an exhaustive assessment of current unexploited opportunities with a pack of “envisioned possibilities” [Markets and Geographies] for our clients’ companies.

Our comprehensive, yet fully applicable approach to strategic transformation stems at the heart of business success, which lies on the crossroads of: pursuing the maximum value for the enterprise, being realistic and effective, while building enduring competitive advantages.

See scheme below:

Topics we discuss and resolve with you:

●   Where to compete? How to win? –short and long term goals-
Resources & Capabilities analysis and effectiveness assessment.
●   Policies definition and path setting for successful planning.
●   Execution. -Full implementation-

In all our strategy definition gigs, we ask what, where, how, and who to all of these points. Together with you, we can reach the farthest horizons.