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Following our purpose of helping leaders to achieve more, we partner with our clients to provide long- lasting, permanent strategic transformation. This is not possible without seeding in their people a purposeful interest for self development and professional growth.

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We have formed alliances with global thought leaders in the management arena to develop the most relevant content. In our Applica Business Academy sibling company, we have the knowledge and the experience of teaching in international universities embedded in our programmes, and we deliver them in a dynamic, participative way always following a hands-on practical approach so we all learn in an exciting and challenging environment.



‘Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, let me do it and I will learn’

Our programmes:   

BUSINESS MODELS INNOVATION :business model design

We have reached the management era of business model innovation. The best way to utilise assets and resources is wrapped in a winning business model. Participants will learn how to envision the right configuration of their companies, so they can achieve growth


Goal: Designing new business models: (Check out the flyer of the programme here)

We will take participants through a lot of case studies and end up with an inspired and imaginative thinking. They will master the use of our business model framework and use it as a tool to ideate business models.

We aim to transfer our experience and knowledge in the topic to the participants in a way that they can go and help their own companies to work better as inclusive teams, capable to consider external elements and ready to go and implement new applicable winning business models.


After the training, participants will

  1. Be aware of why business model innovation is important and is transforming industries.
  2. Recognize diverse business model patterns.
  3. Master a visual tool for business model envisioning.
  4. Have been motivated by several examples and real cases from around the world and from diverse industries.
  5. Believe in a world of possibilities in their business projects.
  6. Be able to facilitate multi-functional team dynamics and obtain greater benefits from it.


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The car of the future according to Ford in 1955

The car of the future according to Ford in 1955



Scenario planning is a structured approach to visualizing how alternative futures might emerge. Each of these possible futures is called a“scenario.” We aim to understand what their consequences or effects would be like and lastly how to respond to or benefit from them.
Mostly these come in the form of “narratives”.  


 GOAL: Identifying feasible futures and set a plan to face them

They are no predictions. Nor they are strategies 

They are the “what if?” attitude towards new an unforeseen opportunities 

The idea here is to paint vivid, detailed pictures that enable planners to place 
themselves inside the scenarios.


After the training, participants will get

  1. A force field map of forces at work within your industry 
  2. Four separate probable and possible future scenarios 
  3. A robust system to deploy future thinking and understand critical decision factors for your work and 
  4. Hopefully: A set of implications and actions to consider in order to be ready for the unthinkable! 






Strategy Definition


Strategy is about setting a clear goal, a pack of congruent policies and tactics, and relentless but simple implementation. Participants will be able to fight inertia to react to unexpected situations in order to unlock full potential. Applying strategic transformation


Goal: Identifying new sources of growth. Filling the gaps between goals and achievements(contact us for more

We will facilitate a challenging activity with key members of your organisation to find out what is happening. The biggest challenge of executives is to decide what to do and what not to do, so we will

provide tools to face the plethora of possibilities and to decide which ones to approach and which ones to
leave for later.


We will bring in methodologies that will support in the analysis of unclear situations, devising of the
future and what is most important, the spotting of the obvious, which is often overlooked.


After the training, participants will:

  1. Evaluate competitive positioning and formulate strategies to reposition or strengthen the current situation. (Understanding the “why” of real cases of greatness in their industry)
  2. Identify sources of value along the whole value chain in which their company participates, and get energized by the possibilities.
  3. Devise new opportunities for growth. And to be inspired in the process.
  4. Design simple but robust strategies and action plans that become part of their day-to-day tasks not on top of what they do, so they can be happier.
  5. Evaluate the efficiency of current resources in order to decide how well their company is doing, and what it should do to keep the pace of the market changes.
  6. Identify, build and nurture current and future unique competences.