A problem never dies, it just mutates!



Letting alone the grotesque mutation shown by hugh Jackman’s physical development, (correctly depicted in the image above by the way) I just want to get your input regarding how a problem never dies, but just mutates instead.

I am working in one of the tools of my upcoming work on innovation – this concept is a supporting tool for the Hi-Board, presented on my latest article – click here to download it – and I want to give a couple of simple examples of the saying I chose as title for this post.

A problem never dies, it just mutates.


So my examples are around transportation and communication

Easy common case:

walking, horse riding, horse-pulled chariots, bicycles, motorized vehicles, more affordable motorized vehicles, more safe motorized vehicles, more convenient MV’s, family MV’s, collective MV’s, More luxurious MV’s, more efficient MV’s. – this can be extended to means of transport -which would stretch the example into other topics, I guess, like land, water and air. Still transportation though

Less obvious example:

Person to person, written -or carved- letters, smoke signals, traditional post, telegraph, telephone (land lines), mobile phone (celulars), fax, internet voice, satelital voice, email,

Is anything missing up there?

I will appreciate your input in this couple of examples. Once I’ve got the best way to portray this “evolution” I will publish the tool with its respective explanation. Hopefully you will find it useful too


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