The only constant is change. Join our clients and renovate!

some of our partners:


“Applica Partners has shown a superb level of responsiveness to our needs in a strategic project vastly wide in scope. Their analysis, understanding of our aspirations and dynamic facilitation have provided a valuable input for the management of our organisation. Applica consultants are flexible and knowledgeable always  ready to provide extra value to their clients.

Yernur Bayekeyev Expert at National Agency for Technological Development. Kazakhstankelayak tourIt has been a great experience working with Applica Partners on the project related to attracting clients to a new destination.Dinara Dultaeva        Communications Expert.


the strategy book front

“Cesar played an important role in reviewing The Strategy Book and giving feedback as a professional working and teaching strategic thinking and action in the real world. His contribution was very valuable and made a big difference in focusing the book on the needs of busy entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders all of the world. He’s a very smart guy with a very bright future. 

Max McKeown about our Principal Consultant Cesar Malacon.Dr. Max is Author of The Strategy Book, The Truth About Innovation and Adaptability.                 The U.K.


“Despite that the CRM system was a green field project with no past reference points, and that there were many parties – users and vendors –  Applica Partners’ team was able to pull everybody together and ensured that the project was completed successfully.”

Angelique Debuyser, Supply Chain Director ASIA. Remy Cointreau      Singapore

Elemental “Applica Partners intervention was instrumental support when envisioning feasible and accurate business models for a product new to the market. A great assistance for innovators”. 

Arturo Santana Founder at Elemental.                  Mexico




Our current times demand more from everyone; We know our clients need to get stronger, while becoming nimbler. We know you ought to be adaptable, but remain robust. We know your brand needs to be highly responsive, staying authentic as never before. And we know you need to embrace uncertainty,

…we know how to help

We also know what you expect from your transformation partners (consultants):

You want REAL VALUE,

And one of our additional ways to provide it to you is by transferring our cross-industry knowledge and methodologies to your people.

This is our most precious gift: by the time we’ll leave your company, your teams will have acquired our insights and learned our proven approach to unleash full potential. For ever and with no additional cost.

We know that, and we are happy with it. Because it is about you. Now.