Applica Partners can assist your company devise and build its future

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Applica Partners provides transformation and growth by assisting businesses to discover and leverage real opportunities, unleash their innovation power to design new products, experiences and services, and execute effective marketing.

OUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE  are Strategy, Innovation and Marketing with an emphasis in Business Model Innovation and Prototyping. But our unique model is what might interest you even more.

Normally, projects can be as short as a facilitated meeting or as long as a multi-year strategy development and implementation. It would depend on your needs and challenges.


We work for you. Next to you. With you.

We provide techniques, knowledge and frameworks. You bring the day by day nuisances.
We identify your options. We think through them all with you.
We give recommendations. You choose the ones you like – you make the best decision
We roll up our sleeves. (Above our elbows)
And guide the implementation process. You say when you are done. –ready-
We want you to win. You say if we helped.


This is how we partner with you, so you can achieve more