Why we are different

The disruption of consulting.

We are disrupting the traditional consulting practice. This means we are making it more accessible, more valuable and more practical for our clients. 

Our system consists in having senior consultants at your orders, by availability. They are not attached to Applica’s facilities, or boundaries. They are developing their expertise around the globe, gaining more exposure to real challenges like yours and becoming better consultants. When you need them, they will attend your calling and work together with you. They will provide their expertise and Applica Partners’ mehtodologies, together with their own and Applica’s Intellectual Property according to your particular needs. 

This way we reduce overhead and cut costs, making our fees way more affordable for you and with this, we continue providing strategic transformation, with huge value. Ever wondered how much fancy offices costs? We avoid that expenditure.

We are better than a big consulting firm because we know all traditional frameworks and methods to analyse, clarify and theoretically present any given situation they use, but conversely, we are more flexible, more adaptable, faster, and way more approachable persons to work with.

Hence we are more reliable.

We are different than other small consultancies because we do understand you deeply, and we are so sure about our commitment with your success that we dare to offer you a remarkable guaranty:

If at early stages of the implementation process, the situation says things might not go as well as we had thought they would, we won’t stop. We will step aside to have a fresher look –because industry, markets, and consumers change- to correct the path. (Yes, even if the factors affecting the original plan are out of our control).

If this unlikely situation happens, you will have a great special deal. We will help to pay the broken dishes.

Our clients say it: “Good”!

Now two things about our name:

1. We are Applica because we solely consider solutions for you that are applicable to your situation. We work to apply concepts:

a)       that we have built upon our experience and research to solve cases similar to your particular problem

b)      from academy that have been proven effective to situations similar to yours

Being flexible and sympathetic to your particular case is the rule.

2. We are Partners because we partner with you, to fully unlock the potential you always knew you have but that is still tied up, so you can achieve more.

And about authenticity:

Applica Partners’ collaborators stand shoulder to shoulder with you, but we won’t tell you what you might want to listen. Instead, we will say what the best option for your company is, considering the alternative from the “why not” perspective, aiming high. We have done it before, getting pleasing results.

And there is still more:

We focus on the implementation of our recommended solutions. We eat our own cooking, without salt.

You can have a spoon of our bouillon to try it out. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you